Time For a DSLR Photo Equipment Upgrade?

This week I have been going through an upgrade on my photography equipment. This is essential to keep on top of new DSLR technology and is also fantastic fun when the new kit arrives!

Are you due new equipment? Here is my advice…

•I think It is important not to go through an upgrade unless there are real benefits to your work and significant enough changes in technology- otherwise you may just be wasting money.

•Do your research!!! This is key to knowing what you are getting and what other options there are on the market.

•Ask advice- see what other photographers think to the model you are looking at.

• Don’t fear 2nd hand- there are some great shops out there with 2nd hand photo equipment that make it affordable.

•Look out for deals in Currys/Jessops for trade ins or cash back- this could save you 100’s of £’s.

• Check whether your old lenses will be compatible- you may also have to purchase new lenses!

If you are upgrading too.. enjoy!!

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