The Key To Successful Evening Event Photography

Photographing events is an absolute joy- the atmosphere and locations really make the images.

Today I have collected a few tips on evening event photography from what I have learnt along the way and how to get the shots you need:


  • Lighting- make sure you have adequate lighting for all locations.
  • A good selection of lenses- Make sure you have a selection so you are never caught out on getting the right shot.
  • A pad and pen- You may need to caption/take names for press.
  • Appropriate clothing- You may need to be on the floor/ on chairs to get the right shot so make sure you are wearing smart but comfortable attire.
  • PLANNING- Have a map and plan of action to get to the venue and ask for a run through of the evening and tour before you begin- you don’t want to get lost!
  • Be ON TIME and timely with your finished images.
  • Go above and beyond the brief- It is always nice to add a little extra đŸ™‚
  • Enjoy yourself- The worst thing is a miserable photographer, smile and enjoy the evening!

I hope you found this blog helpful! Please share your thoughts with me @RobinCreate or pop a comment below.





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