Spring Is In The Air

I love this time of year when the colourful flowers start popping back through the dull winter twigs… it is a time to feel positive and get out more!

I feel like a hermit over Winter so it is such a joy to see the light mornings return.

I took these pictures on a lunch time walk this week in Nottingham, it was fresh, cold and sunny; perfect for wrapping up. This walk made me smile and realise how important the sun is for motivation. After that walk I felt SO much more motivated and put all of my plans into action that have been sat on the back burner.

So my tip to you today…. have a spring clean, get outdoors and make a big to do list while you are feeling motivated!

Have a great weekend 🙂


One thought on “Spring Is In The Air

  1. Pretty! I haven’t seen much growing that pretty yet in my yard, but eye poppers such as you’ve seen will soon be springing into life. I’m especially looking forward to the lilacs I can see from my perch here at my kitchen counter. They ring in Spring like no other in my opinion. I probably won’t divine too big a list [like to keep life simple], but will be walking my Schnauzer as soon as it warms up a bit more. She definitely loves everything outside the fence! Me…there’s a few irons in the fire now, and a few more to gently place in the coming weeks.


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