Grantham Location Photography

Today I spent the day in Grantham photographing various locations from my brief. I have never spent much time in the area and wasn’t sure how I would find it; but steeped in history it turned out a fantastic day out.

The morning started with a beautiful light fog, the first stop Belton House. Here I captured the deer by the house. It was such a great location and I would recommend a visit if you have not seen it yet. Perfect for dog walkers/outdoor enthusiasts.



Later I moved to the city centre where I was surprised to find some great period buildings along with plenty of shopping. The streets were bustling.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 17.45.06.png

The area was easy to drive and the day went smoothly. After the fog cleared I was greeted with bright beautiful skies which made for some lovely photos. Overall a successful shoot and a quick look into Grantham.

If you get chance to visit then do!

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