Do You Dream Of Bigger Things?

I must admit I am guilty of this… I am a dreamer… FACT. I love to think about things I could be doing, how I could change things and this is part of the problem with having a creative brain.

I think the key to controlling this is learning how to manage and focus these thoughts in a positive way. For example I love to write these thoughts down then come back to them later to re assess is it something I REALLY want to do? If yes then take action, if no maybe it was just an impulse!

I often find my best thoughts come at night once resting and this is an important time to gather thoughts and creative ideas for the next day. BUT it is also important to rest the brain, so I find meditation helpful when I really want to chill out.

My suggestion if you are a dreamer like me… use a journal and make note of these things, you don’t want to miss a great thought… or action one that isn’t so great!

I hope you found this blog helpful, please share on!


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