How to de-stress in the madness of September

This month has been manic so far to say the least… September seems to be the month of events and manic planning now the kids are back at school.

This is a great time to practice a good work life balance. Here are my 5 top tips to de stressing and managing a busy lifestyle:

  1. Plan plan plan… I find my mind eases when the diary is up to date and set for the week. To do lists are ready and I am prepared. Even food in lunch boxes ready in the freezer!
  2. Take your time… It is so easy to look at the list and panic, but don’t, just take a breather, it well get done in time!
  3. Schedule a little time for you each day…Whether it be a 10 minute walk at lunch or reading your book before bed. Turn the phone off, make sure you are away form the laptop!
  4. Smile and wake up with a positive attitude!
  5. Exercise… if you can fit in a short exercise routine a day this will help relieve stress.

I hope you found this helpful today! Tweet us at @RobinCreate and let us know your top tips to de stress!


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