Back To Work After The Bank Holiday

WOW the Bank Holiday flew past didn’t it?! 

It is a great time to rest and reset those batteries… but getting back into work afterwards can be tough. This is why we are sharing with you our simple top tips on getting back into gear after the Bank Holiday weekend:

  1. Don’t stress! The email inbox is sure to be full and the list is absolutely massive but don’t let it get you down… prioritise and go one step at a time.
  2. Plan your day- What will you do first? What will you eat?
  3. Stay hydrated drinking plenty of water and don’t go mad on the coffee- coffee can make you feel more anxious than you already do about being back at work.
  4. Take a lunch break- ease yourself back in and make sure you still take time to reset at lunch otherwise you will wear yourself thin.
  5. Go in with a positive mindset and think of the wonderful weekend you have had… plus it is only a 4 day week!!!


I hope you found this post helpful today! Let us know what you think @RobinCreate

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