How to make photography more than just your passion

Photography is a vast world, that is for sure! There are so many different types whether it be weddings, pets, product or travel. It is a hobby for many which can then grow to become more..

For me photographs are all about capturing a moment in time, to savour, to enjoy and look back on with a smile. If you have a passion for it … why not go for it?!

Do you LOVE photography and see yourself pursuing it as a career but don’t know where to start? 

Let us help you…

So what is Freelance Photography? Freelance is working for yourself, this requires drive and passion to keep you pushing and gaining work. You can make this your career or build it up in your spare time.

First of all… build a portfolio. You need to be able to showcase your work in order to get more work. Gather your best work and present it well on a website or blog and printed. Enter contests to get more exposure.

Next is getting the work… Now you have your portfolio, quality is EVERYTHING. You need great pictures and to demonstrate skill. Work on any areas you aren’t too sure on and develop your existing skills. You need to learn about focus, lighting, colours and backgrounds and much more.

Join social photography groups, assist photographers and ask plenty of questions. Once you feel ready it is time to promote yourself. Make a list of your skills, where do your strengths lie? How are you going to promote yourself? And remember it takes TIME to build.

Social media is an extremely useful tool, build a presence on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and start sharing with your friends, start a blog and make sure your website looks fantastic!

I hope you have found this post helpful today! Please ask us a question @Robincreate


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