Creative Review August 2016

Last weekend I took a trip to London to refresh my mind and get some creative inspiration.
I think it is always important to get out of routine and do something different every so often to get the creative juices flowing and there is nothing better than an exhibition to do that. My passion is photography, therefore I head to The Photographer’s Gallery and the National Portrait Museum.
Here is the first of my reviews:
The Photographer’s Gallery
Exhibition: Made you look: Dandyism and black masculinity
This was a bright and exciting show with some really interesting pieces exploring black masculinity as performance- in particular through the adoption of a dandy-esque persona. This show is well worth a visit.
The National Portrait Gallery:
Exhibition: William Eggleston Portraits
Now this is one of my favourite photographers so I obviously enjoyed it! The show explored his best pieces which reveal mystery and a certain poetic nature.
The exhibition shows 100 of the American Photographer’s works celebrating his use of colour and its exploration as a contemporary art form. This show is ¬£7 entry and worth every penny especially if you are interested in cinematic and documentary photography.

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